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10 Things You Will NOT See in Italy

Traveling to different countries hopefully produces pleasant surprises at the differences in cultures. The result can be either a new found appreciation and love for these different cultures — as I have had for Italy — or a deeper appreciation and love for your own culture. But some customs are just flat out shockers. Here […]

The Grazie Girl’s Pick of the Week: JOURNEYWOMAN

Journeywoman bills itself as a premier travel service for women…and it is. The offerings are plentiful–advice through travel ads, a search engine, hermail.net, and advertising possibilities–and it provides services for women interested in all facets of travel. They provide lists upon lists, such as personalized travel tales, learning while traveling, traveling solo, restaurants worldwide, visiting […]

Selecting the Right Travel Guide Apps–What You Need to Know

Travel tips and travel guide apps are flooding the travel market, and many influential and experienced travel sites regularly recommend what we travelers should use. An article featured on ReadWrite (6 Travel Guide Apps To Help Plan Your Next Trip) offered one such article last year, and there are some pretty good suggestions. Here’s my […]

The Grazie Girl is Getting the Word Out

For you Twitter members, @thegraziegirl is starting to make a name for herself. @TheGrazieGirl is on a new list! “WanderlustChronicles added you to list wanderlustchron/wanderlusters” #thegraziegirl #travelbloggers The Traveling Fool added you to list thetravelfool/more-travel-bloggers Let’s keep getting the word out there!!! Grazie mille!