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The Top 10 Things You Must See & Do in Italy

Italy is rich with so many things to do, see, and learn. And while there are the cliché things to do, some of those cliché things to do are worth it. You have to, for instance, take a gondola ride in Venice, take the thumbs up/thumbs down picture in the Roman Colosseum, rub “Il Porcellino’s” […]

Italian Hand Gestures Everyone Should Know

This is a great piece on hand gestures in Italy. I am a teacher by day, and my students are always commenting and giggling at how much I use my hands. Little did I know what I am actually saying to them. Via Italian hand gestures everyone should know – CNN.com.

The Grazie Girl’s New Clapway Feature: Top 5 Spots to Eat in Rome Now

Here’s my third article featured in the “Tips” section of Clapway.com. Check it out on Clapway and share it. Let me know what you think. Pasqualino al Colosseo I have been to Rome three times, and every time I go I cannot get enough of the Colosseum. There’s nothing like walking on via dei Fori […]

Memories of Rome (2011)

Looking up in the Pantheon… the Map Room in the Vatican (of course, it’s more majestic in person… and the beauty of Piazza Navona. The dolce vita for sure!

48 Hours in Rome

I found this interesting take on Rome via 48 hours in Rome. Please take a look. It covers the basics, and provides a few suggestions. More importantly, it brings me right back to Rome myself. I’ve traveled to the Eternal City 3 times–one for 3 days as part of a Grand Italy tour, then 2 other […]

Get Lost in Rome

via Get lost in Rome instead of going on a planned tour | Anna Everywhere

Italy Fears ISIS Invasion From Libya

Should we be afraid? “Italy Fears ISIS Invasion From Libya”