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The Top 10 Things You Must See & Do in Italy

Italy is rich with so many things to do, see, and learn. And while there are the cliché things to do, some of those cliché things to do are worth it. You have to, for instance, take a gondola ride in Venice, take the thumbs up/thumbs down picture in the Roman Colosseum, rub “Il Porcellino’s” […]

Why is Italian Food So Much Better in Italy

I have asked this question over and over again. Even when Italians move from Italy to America, their food changes! Why? Source: Why is Italian Food so much better in Italy

What makes Gelato so good?

Gelato is not just an Italian word meaning Ice Cream! it is made totally differently. So why is gelato so much better than ice cream? For me it is the creamy taste of gelato. It is soft never serve… Source: What makes Gelato so good?

The Eggspresso: A New Delicacy and Possible Tradition Just in Time for Easter

With Easter almost upon us, patrons of dining establishments and cafes are noticing the many Easter-themed food and drinks available. One new treat, though, is garnering massive attention–the eggspresso. And it’s easy to see why. Created by the Perth-based Karvan Coffee, the eggspresso is not only gaining popularity all over social media, but in cafes […]