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The Top 10 Things You Must See & Do in Italy

Italy is rich with so many things to do, see, and learn. And while there are the cliché things to do, some of those cliché things to do are worth it. You have to, for instance, take a gondola ride in Venice, take the thumbs up/thumbs down picture in the Roman Colosseum, rub “Il Porcellino’s” […]

Top 5 Real & Practical Tips for Spring Travel to Italy: The Bloom is Never off the Rose

As my ongoing travel to and love affair with Italy continues, I realized last year that all of my trips to Italy–as well as my trips to other European cities–have been in February and July. Of course, this decision has been because of my vacation schedule for my day job–I am a high school English […]

New Grazie Girl Article on Clapway: Top 7 Things To Do in Florence

Check out The Grazie Girl’s new feature on Clapway! Just click the title to link to the website, and spread the word. Top 7 Alternative Things To Do in Florence

The Grazie Girl’s TOP 15 List: Favorite Experiences in Florence

Ok. You got me. I could not narrow it down to the typical Top 10 list. In fact, narrowing down my favorites to 15 was difficult. Florence is that good! 15.  Gazing at the Ponte Vecchio and the Arno from afar. Honestly, I avoided walking across the Ponte Vecchio as much as I could. It’s […]

My Trip to Florence: Cappuccino, Piazzas, and David

(March/April, 2015) Real Italians Only Drink Cappaccino in the Morning My first full day in Florence. I don’t think I could have been more excited than I was that day! I woke up after a tumultuous night tossing and turning. I thought I would sleep better after traveling for 16 hours, but no luck. I […]

My Trip to Florence: I’ve Arrived!

(March/April, 2015) The trip from New York to Florence is long…very long. So is it worth it? You bet. I arranged transportation through the hotel–Firenze Number 9. The driver was pleasant and accommodating. I arrived early evening on Saturday, so the drive from the airport to the hotel was a mere 20 minutes. It’s a […]

I’m Traveling to Florence…IN 7 DAYS!!!!!!

       I’m departing for Florence in only 7 days!! I can barely contain myself! I do have a list of last minute things I need to do…confirm with the airline, confirm hotel, confirm my pick-up from the airport, confirm my school schedule, shop for final toiletries, notify bank/credit cards of my travels–and the […]

Before You Go: Florence, Italy

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WiFi Free in Florence

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Must-have Florence Travel Apps

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