Journeywoman bills itself as a premier travel service for women…and it is. The offerings are plentiful–advice through travel ads, a search engine,, and advertising possibilities–and it provides services for women interested in all facets of travel. They provide lists upon lists, such as personalized travel tales, learning while traveling, traveling solo, restaurants worldwide, visiting […]

This is a great piece on hand gestures in Italy. I am a teacher by day, and my students are always commenting and giggling at how much I use my hands. Little did I know what I am actually saying to them. Via Italian hand gestures everyone should know –

Anyone familiar with this? I’d love more information. Grazie!

Travel tips and travel guide apps are flooding the travel market, and many influential and experienced travel sites regularly recommend what we travelers should use. An article featured on ReadWrite (6 Travel Guide Apps To Help Plan Your Next Trip) offered one such article last year, and there are some pretty good suggestions. Here’s my […]

Here’s my third article featured in the “Tips” section of Check it out on Clapway and share it. Let me know what you think. Pasqualino al Colosseo I have been to Rome three times, and every time I go I cannot get enough of the Colosseum. There’s nothing like walking on via dei Fori […]

One of my tweets has been shared on Yoga Lifestyle Daily. Go ahead and give it a read.

The Grazie Girl is up to 436 followers on Twitter! Here’s just a little sample of her tweets, replies, and effects.

Check out The Grazie Girl’s new feature on Clapway! Just click the title to link to the website, and spread the word. Top 7 Alternative Things To Do in Florence

In my quest to spread the Italy and travel tip word, I have become a contributing writer for Clapway, an online publication company that houses an extensive collection of articles, videos, and more with a focus on adventure and travel. Check it out on at this link: Or, read it here: Be Organized, Be Clean: […]

Ciao everyone! I’m up to 182 followers on Twitter, and I’m determined to keep that number rising. One way I have been getting my name out there is by taking part in a number of travel chats. Because of my participation, I have been featured on Travelogx. The following is how they define themselves. Travelogx […]