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Will Google Overtake the Travel App Market?

Will Google’s new travel app be worth it? Will it be better than TripIt? That’s a tough one. As part of Google’s worldwide domination in all markets, they are in the testing process of a new app titled Google Trips. The travel industry has seen inventive, practical, and useful products that have changed the way […]

Travel Tip: Do You Really Have to Turn Off Your Device on Your Flight?

Nowadays travelers have numerous electronic devices with them during their flight. On my last trip to Italy, I used my IPad more for in-flight entertainment than what the airline had to offer. That being said, all airlines request passengers to turn all devices off during takeoff and landing. I noticed on my last flight that […]

The Grazie Girl’s Newest Clapway.Com Feature: The Top Items to Bring When Traveling

When we travel, we want to have those items we use the most. However, we need to be mindful of the size of products and the real need for these products. I find I prefer to have those items that are the most useful but also provide a feeling of comfort and home. Here are […]

Ventoura App Combines P2P Guiding And Traveler Matching

Anyone familiar with this? I’d love more information. Grazie!

Selecting the Right Travel Guide Apps–What You Need to Know

Travel tips and travel guide apps are flooding the travel market, and many influential and experienced travel sites regularly recommend what we travelers should use. An article featured on ReadWrite (6 Travel Guide Apps To Help Plan Your Next Trip) offered one such article last year, and there are some pretty good suggestions. Here’s my […]

Where Do You WiFi in Italy

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Being connected is important tool of us. We are on vacation but we want to be connected to: Stay in touch with the office Check on an illness in the family Facebook, text or email your status to family & friends Keep up with your texts and emails…

WiFi Free in Florence

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Must-have Florence Travel Apps

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Travel Apps – You’re Using Them Wrong

via Travels of Adam LOCAL, INDIE BLOG APPS Find whatever you want…if you know where to look My other favorite kind of travel app is of the more local variety. I love searching for local apps before visiting somewhere. Admittedly, these are the most difficult to find. But if you’ve got a favorite local blog, start […]

Essential tech: VPN (Virtual Private Network)

via Global Grasshopper Working on the road often means that you’re reliant on finding those ever-elusive places with WiFi. From hotel lobbies to coffee shops, once you’ve found your WiFi hotspot, and it’s fast enough to use, you could be there for some time, emailing, banking, shopping or working online. Using an unsecured WiFi hotspot […]