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Here I Go Again…to Italy!!

I’m going to Sorrento & Positano in July! I will be traveling to the Amalfi Coast this summer. The first week will be studying the Italian language again, but this time in Sorrento. Then, I will trek to Positano for rest and relaxation. But help is needed! My first visit to the Amalfi Coast was […]

My Trip to Florence: Cappuccino, Piazzas, and David

(March/April, 2015) Real Italians Only Drink Cappaccino in the Morning My first full day in Florence. I don’t think I could have been more excited than I was that day! I woke up after a tumultuous night tossing and turning. I thought I would sleep better after traveling for 16 hours, but no luck. I […]

My Trip to Florence: I’ve Arrived!

(March/April, 2015) The trip from New York to Florence is long…very long. So is it worth it? You bet. I arranged transportation through the hotel–Firenze Number 9. The driver was pleasant and accommodating. I arrived early evening on Saturday, so the drive from the airport to the hotel was a mere 20 minutes. It’s a […]

My Trip to Florence: Getting to Florence

(March-April, 2015) Let me first say–I do not like to travel. I do, however, love being at my destination. Yes, I am one of those travelers who does not like to fly. I become very nervous, with a newsreel panning in my head of tragic airplane incidents. This last year did not help, and this […]

I’m Traveling to Florence…IN 7 DAYS!!!!!!

       I’m departing for Florence in only 7 days!! I can barely contain myself! I do have a list of last minute things I need to do…confirm with the airline, confirm hotel, confirm my pick-up from the airport, confirm my school schedule, shop for final toiletries, notify bank/credit cards of my travels–and the […]

Before You Go: Florence, Italy

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My Trip to Florence–I Got My Bags!

I recieved my new bags today. Now my trip is really getting real…and real close! I’m happy with my choices. The eBags suitcase is very nice. It seems very sturdy, and I like the purple color. It’s not too bright and it will at least be easier to spot when waiting for it at the […]

My Trip to Florence–Help with Day Tours

Putting luggage and style aside, the real excitement is being in Florence itself. I’ve been before, for 1 to 2 days at a time as part of a larger tour through Italy. So this trip is unique in that I will be staying in Florence for the whole week. My mornings–Monday through Friday–will be spent […]

My Trip to Florence–Baggage Line-Up

Well I’m deep into planning my trip to Florence. Only 19 days to go…until I go!!!!!! So as a review of my last Florence post, I have selected my new luggage. Check! It should arrive by the end of the week, so we’ll see if it is as good as it says it is. Now […]

My Trip to Florence

The Grazie Girl is going to Florence!!!!!! But I need help. I’m doing a lot of research to find things to do. I’ve been to Florence already and have seen the major sites. Now I want to experience the lifestyle of Florence. So I will be posting information I find–but I can always use help […]