How to Speak the Italian Language the Right Way

In March of 2015 I took my first solo trip to Florence, Italy — and as a result I highly recommend traveling solo at least once in your life. To make the trip that much more unique for me, and did something I always wanted to do — begin to learn the Italian language.


A great choice for learning Italian while in Florence.

Clearly, if you have been following this website, you know I have a deep love and appreciation for Italy, and I regret never really learning the language. Why didn’t my family speak Italian at home when I was younger? I lived with my great grandmother for a little while, and she was from Italy! But it didn’t happen. The course I took in Florence was wonderful, but I’ve practically forgotten everything because I never used it. So I’m constantly in search of how I can learn and use Italian here at home.

Below you will find a book review about learning conversational Italian that is quite useful. If you have any other suggestions for learning Italian, please comment below. And I will keep my goal alive: I will, someday, be fluent in Italian.



Although I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of traveling through Italy many times, I firmly believe that the Italian language will be an eternal challenge to adequately grasp and understand. Eve…

Source: Book Review: 5 Reasons ‘Conversational Italian For Travelers’ is Your Best Bet

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  1. My suggestions: Start an ‘amici del caffè’ group. Meet once a week to speak only in Italiano, watch RAI, go to Italia as much as possible, but do not travel with anyone who does not speak Italiano or is not willing to learn. Ciao, Cristina


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