Will Google Overtake the Travel App Market?

Will Google’s new travel app be worth it? Will it be better than TripIt? That’s a tough one.

As part of Google’s worldwide domination in all markets, they are in the testing process of a new app titled Google Trips.


Photo courtesy of AndroidWorld.

The travel industry has seen inventive, practical, and useful products that have changed the way people travel in the last 10 years. Sometimes I wonder how I was able to travel in the past without these wonderful services, just like I wonder how I was able to get around without a cellphone. Three of my favorite apps have been TripAdvisor, Viator, and TripIt.


Photo courtesy of Viator.

Viator bills itself as “the world’s leading resource for researching, finding and booking the best travel experiences worldwide.” And quite frankly, they are pretty good. On my last trip to Florence, I booked practically every tour I took through Viator, and they were all fantastic. For my experiences with Viator‘s tours, see my posts “My Trip to Florence: Cappuccino, Piazzas, and David” and “The Grazie Girl’s Top 15 List: Favorite Experiences in Florence.”  Viator joined the TripAdvisor family in 2014, so it probably makes sense that TripAdvisor has been a constant for me.


Photo courtesy of The Telegraph.

My favorite part–traveler photos to see what the hotels really look like. I’ve used TripAdvisor for my last five trips when deciding on a hotel, and every choice has been on point. In fact, I have even returned to one of the hotels. Lastly, there’s TripIt. And I LoveIt!


Photo courtesy of flight965.com.

I can put everything on my itinerary in the categories the app offers, and anything that is a part of my trip that comes with reservations sent to my email automatically is placed in the proper itinerary. Updates are included as well. So with all of this, can Google bring me over from my steadfast favorites?

Well, the jury’s still out. Currently Google Trips is in Beta, and is being used by invitation only. So I’m patiently waiting to hear the results. Many travel and tech magazines have reported on Google’s new venture, but full, real reviews have not come in yet. But for me, Google is going have to offer something that integrates the Viator, TripAdvisor, and TripIt functions into a practical, one-of-a-kind service that makes trip-planning and trip-taking seamless.

Here are some links to anticipated reviews and information about Google Trips.




So how does this service sound to you? And what are your favorite travel apps that you have actually used? I’m always looking for new products that people have actually used and find useful.

Ciao for now … THE GRAZIE GIRL 😍 😘

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