What is the Top Choice for a Cheap Hotel Room?

The answer is easier than you think. And there are many aspects to consider when choosing hotel rooms on the cheap– from air conditioning in the summer to the cleanliness of the room and, more importantly, the bathroom. However, the one aspect that many might not think is possible for a cheap hotel room is a balcony.


The picturesque Lake Garda from my terrace at Hotel Europa.

I recently returned from a wonderful Italian adventure in Gargnano, Italy, which rests on the western side, more toward the middle, of the largest lake in the lake region of northern Italy — Lake Garda. I stayed at the 3-star Hotel Europa, which for a 3-star hotel in Europe was quite accommodating and cost efficient. But the best aspect was the balcony overlooking Lake Garda. Instead of writing about it, though, I think I’ll just show you. Below you will find a link to a video of the view from my balcony. And it speaks for itself. So sit back and enjoy, and considering visiting Lake Garda.

Do you think the room was worth it? Let me know.

Ciao for now … THE GRAZIE GIRL


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