Travel Tips: How I Tip from “The Travel Cocktail”

My new, absolute favorite blog — The Travel Cocktail. I will be including more pieces that have appeared on the blog, but I highly recommend taking a peak yourself. Especially interesting is the amount of information about the Amalfi Coast, a trip I am considering for next summer. So enjoy!


Its always a daunting task to get tipping spot on, but here are my rules of thumb I tend to use when travelling… Restaurants: This is probably the hardest as it differs from country to countr…

Source: Travel Tips: How I tip


  1. These tipping guidelines are based on US standards. They are overly generous by Italian standards where restaurant tipping is usually just the change or a few euro. A lot of restaurants charge a ‘coperto’ for bread which is a few euro per person and this is considered a ‘tip’. In touristy areas, unfortunately, restaurants get used to North American tipping by tourists, but it is not the norm here. I was in Australia in the fall and they do not tip at all. It was so refreshing not to have to stress over what the ‘tipping policies’ were and made eating out more enjoyable!


    1. Thank u so much for your information. I though it was generous. I’m from the US and people are always telling me when I travel in Italy that I’m too generous with tips. Italy is very different than the US with salaries.


  2. Prego. It doesn’t have anything to do with salaries though. It has to do with the fact that North American tipping style is not the custom in Italy. I don’t remember if the blog post specifically referenced Italy -I don’t think it did, but there are many countries where it is very different. Ciao, Cristina

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