Why Everyone Should Live In Italy At Least Once In Their Lives

This is my goal!! I have 10 years until retirement–my day job is high school English teacher–and my dream is to live in Italy half the year. So like me, I suggest banking this piece. Thank you Surviving in Italy!

Living In Italy.Moving To Italy. Loving In Italy. Laughing In Italy.

Savonarola's preaching attracted huge crowds t... Savonarola’s preaching attracted huge crowds to Florence Cathedral – like much of the city, Botticelli had come under his sway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I often write from a cynical point of view in a tone that is best described as sardonic when I write about Italy. At some point, and this happens to everyone, the acid haze of expatriate living eventually turns into an expatriate hangover. You remember the greatness of your life before but suddenly you see it through a veil of nausea and mental fog. However, I do love Italy. Obviously because I married it and trust me if you marry an Italian you are marrying Italy. Much like an STD, you can move them physically out of Italy but they’ll still carry it around inside of them. And why would you want to remove Italy from them? Aside from the two-hundred obvious reasons (crap economy, confusing sheep…

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  1. Read this lovely ladies descriptions. Close your eyes and one can envision being there. No one else does it better. She’s at the top of her game, and all of us readers are all the better for it. The cheapest way to travel to Italy,is to read GG;’s literate descriptive articles. You’re already there!!!!! Have a nice nail day!!! Ciao bambino

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