The Eggspresso: A New Delicacy and Possible Tradition Just in Time for Easter

With Easter almost upon us, patrons of dining establishments and cafes are noticing the many Easter-themed food and drinks available. One new treat, though, is garnering massive attention–the eggspresso. And it’s easy to see why.

eggspresso 5

Created by the Perth-based Karvan Coffee, the eggspresso is not only gaining popularity all over social media, but in cafes across Australia and into New Zealand and Denmark, according to recent reports in Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing these delectable drinks across Europe and even into the United States soon.

According to Whitney Filloon of, “Australia’s enthusiasm for Easter-themed novelty sweets cannot be denied: first came the [who knew?] Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry, and now coffee enthusiasts Down Under are going nuts for eggspressos — coffee served inside chocolate Easter eggs.” That’s right! The espresso is inside the chocolate Easter eggs. Seemingly the Cadbury chocolate egg would be best. They are considered the most scrumptious, with the Cadbury Creme Egg being the most popular at over 500 million made every year, according to Cadbury World.


How is it done? The eggspresso is comprised of a hollowed-out chocolate egg filled with hot espresso. The chocolate is placed into espresso cups, the more holiday-decorated the better, and hot espresso is brewed directly into the chocolate cups. That’s about it. Then you can savor as you sip the now sweetened espresso as the chocolate melts. Mouths should be watering at this point.

eggspresso 2

Karvan Coffee explains, “Our belief is that as Roasters we are taking you on a journey beyond your cup of coffee.” That mission is clearly being realized. “We are a family run roastery and were having a few laughs with an Easter treat and thought that we would share it with our few loyal Instagram followers. When UrbanListPerth regrammed our video with “This might be the best thing we’ve ever seen” we were jumping up and down in the office and I think we were in shock because all we could say was omg. Urbanspoon and UrbanListPerth have both had record views on their Instagram pages which is incredible.” Considering they launched in 2011, it is nice to see a small business gain this recognition. They have a Facebook page and their website can be found at Leaf Bean Machine where they provide a how-to video along with a written recipe for anyone to use.

I’m waiting for the eggspresso to start up in my neighborhood, but until then I suppose I will just have to try to make it myself.



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