Charming Italian Words that I Love

Here’s another wonderful list of Italian words which are good to know when you travel to Italy. One of my personal favorite’s is allora, which seems to be almost on par with the use of like in the United States. Listen for it next time you go. You’ll be surprised at how much you will hear it. Also, congrats to Ishita for another wonderful article on Italophilia.


Over the course of few months, I have read many beautiful Italian words. But some have stayed with me more than the others. What I love most about these words is how lovely they are and how musical they sound when I speak them. Stupefacente!

Here are a few of my favorites (so far) along with their meanings:

allora: It is one of my favorite words but it is difficult to explain its meaning. It means “well”, “so” or “then”. Love the way Italians use it ever so often in every sentence.

arancione: this means the color orange. Love the way when I speak it 😉

prego: The all purpose word which means “welcome”, “come in”, “after you” “not at all”

abbiocco: isn’t this word so beautiful? It means the the drowsiness after eating a big meal.


menefreghismo: Ha! This…

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