Selecting the Right Travel Guide Apps–What You Need to Know

Travel tips and travel guide apps are flooding the travel market, and many influential and experienced travel sites regularly recommend what we travelers should use. An article featured on ReadWrite (6 Travel Guide Apps To Help Plan Your Next Trip) offered one such article last year, and there are some pretty good suggestions. Here’s my take on two that I have used.

TripAdvisor Offline City Guides

I utilized this app on my trip to Rome in 2012, and I found it quite useful. My primary focus was the map, which allowed me to see the streets of Rome when walking to all parts of the city. I had already done my research with the TripAdvisor site in searching for restaurants, and I had had the hotel I was staying at make the reservations for me. Most hotels, including mine, provide guests with useful maps of the city, but many of the smaller side streets are not listed on these maps. This travel app ended up helping me out quite a bit since it lists all streets, even the smallest ones. So whether I had to find a restaurant or a better route to where I was going, this offline city guide did the job. But, and there’s one but, the amount of guides is limited. The only have a handful of cities. Yes, they have Rome, but they don’t have Florence, for example. So you will only be able to use this app on a limited basis.

Walking the streets of Rome with my handy dandy TripAdvisor offline map.

Walking the streets of Rome with my handy dandy TripAdvisor offline map.

Viator Tours & Activities

A stop at I Fratellini on a tour booked through Viator.

A stop at I Fratellini on a tour booked through Viator.

Viator, in my opinion, should be at the top of the list. Viator is a tour operator service owned by TripAdvisor. Viator provides almost every type of tour service for a variety of destinations. What’s great is that you don’t have to search for every site separately. Here’s what you do–open the site, search for your destination, then select any tours you are interested in for your vacation. They categorize them by destination, and then by interest. You register, and they then send you a confirmation with voucher, which you present to the tour director when you arrive for the tour itself. I have to say, it was very convenient. I used them for my last trip to Florence, Italy, and everything went smoothly. The tours were operated by different companies, but I was able to find everything I wanted. In fact, one tour did not have enough people for the tour to run, and the tour company contacted me by email to let me know. So yes, you do need to check your email, or at least provide your mobile number so they can call. But overall I highly recommend Viator.

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  1. As usual, the very height of articulate descriptions of whatever subject is being discussed or explained in your travel descriptions. Many more of the upper elite travel magazines should be taking much more notice of this blossoming blog(or has it grown beyond that stage). Of course, kudos to the author, Dawn. Her talents are quickly becoming apparent. Oh,by the way, her dad says to please tell him all is forgiven and please let him come home.
    P.S. Tell Clapway they need to clap-away for your great articles in your blog..

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  2. I’m trying to clip or crop your picture from the photo in front of Fratellini’s. I want to use it as my wallpaper.Pleasssssse Hellllllllllllp. PAPPA BEAR

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