The Grazie Girl’s New Clapway Feature: Top 5 Spots to Eat in Rome Now

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Pasqualino al Colosseo

Rome--Pasqualino al ColosseoI have been to Rome three times, and every time I go I cannot get enough of the Colosseum. There’s nothing like walking on via dei Fori Imperiali and seeing the structure in the distance. I just gaze at it as I get closer and closer, imaging it in its heyday. On my last visit, we walked around it to check out the neighborhood, and came across this little restaurant, about which we knew nothing. But we were famished. I always try to try a place off the main streets, because that’s where the best, and less touristy, restaurants are. To our surprise, it was delicious. The atmosphere has that Italian charm, serving all authentic and fresh Roman dishes. I just wanted plain old pasta bolognese, and Pasqualino al Colosseo did not disappoint. Pairing it with a basic red wine, and we were extremely satisfied. It really should be one of the top spots to eat in Rome now.

Rome--Filetti di Baccala

Filetti di Baccala

This little hole in the wall sits in the Largo dei Librari area, literally a block away from the famed Campo de Fiori. As you make your way walking down the streets of Rome checking out the history and culture of the city, this popular and long-lasting top spot to eat in Rome now is important to note because it is in the area that Julius Caesar was actually assassinated. Yes, you’ll probably have to wait in line, which for me is a good sign. Don’t bother trying to look for a menu, just order the fried salt cod, take a seat on the steps of the church right next door, and savor the best and probably most inexpensive meals you’ll find in Rome as you recite one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines: Et tu Brute? Check out the reviews and directions on TripAdvisor.

Rome--La Gensola carciofi alla giudìa

La Gensola

If you are at La Bocca della Verità. all you have to do is cross the Tiber River and you are a block away from this fantastic little restaurant. It’s in the Trastevere area of Rome, which is kind of like the village in New York, and boasts an authentic Roman atmosphere. The staff is extremely pleasant, offering patrons ideas about what to eat. My favorite–carciofi alla giudìa, which are Jewish style artichokes–are delicious here. Rather, they are to die for!! You can read reviews on TripAdvisor or go directly to the restaurant’s website.

 Rome--La Taverna di Forno Imperiali

La Taverna di Forno Imperiali

Do not get put off by the fact that the TripAdvisor rating for this fabulous little restaurant is #217. They STILL are one of the most fantastic, top spots to eat in Rome now. The atmosphere is comfortable, social, and decidedly modern, but it retains the Roman flair you want when you go out to eat in Rome. While some dishes offer a modern take on classics, the food is fresh and still has the flavors you look for when in Italy. The raviolis are scrumptious, and my favorite, carciofi alla giudìa, is just as good here as anywhere else in Rome. Check them out on TripAdvisor and their website.

Rome Pantheon          Rome--gelato and the pantheon

Piazza della Rotunda

True, Piazza della Rotunda is not so much one of the top spots to eat in Rome as it is one of the most beautiful areas in Rome. For one, there sits the Pantheon. And for many, being there is more about the atmosphere than the food. Sit at any outdoor cafe during a sunny day and get lost gazing at the Mediterranean colors of the buildings as they are brightened by the sunlight. You can people watch over an espresso, a gelato, or a meal as they take pictures, sit on the steps of the Pantheon, or just walk around. But which of these restaurants should you choose? Stand on the steps of the Pantheon looking onto the Piazza and you will notice a small spot directly across from you. It is right on the corner as you walk off onto a street away from the square. It offers one of the best bowls of gelato I’ve had, along with a heart-shaped biscuit, and the best view of the Pantheon and piazza. Plan on spending a nice amount of time here to enjoy la dolce vita.

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