The Grazie Girl Featured on Travelogx

Ciao everyone!

I’m up to 182 followers on Twitter, and I’m determined to keep that number rising. One way I have been getting my name out there is by taking part in a number of travel chats. Because of my participation, I have been featured on Travelogx.


The following is how they define themselves.

Travelogx is a destination tool for smarter travel. It helps you go beyond static travel guides, and instantly pull-up fresh stories from just-there travelers. The result:

SAVE TIME — With so many travel stories, finding the right ones can be very time-consuming. Travelogx eliminates this hurdle and allows direct zoom-in to all your destinations in a few clicks. Now you don’t waste time on the staled and the irrelevant.

SAVE MONEY — When you are on the road and paying cyber-cafe by the minute, the staled and the irrelevant literally mean money down the drain. With Travelogx, you pull-up just what you need and not bother with the rest. That means less time online, and more money in your pocket.

TRAVEL SMARTER — Now you can easily leverage others’ experience to make your travel more rewarding. The idea: line up the right stories for the right stops along the way, so you can learn more before you arrive, see more while you are there, and relive more after you moved on.

My evaluation–check it out!

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