My Trip to Florence–Help with Day Tours

The Super Tuscany tour from the now defunct Club ABC Tours.

The Super Tuscany tour from the now defunct Club ABC Tours.

Putting luggage and style aside, the real excitement is being in Florence itself. I’ve been before, for 1 to 2 days at a time as part of a larger tour through Italy. So this trip is unique in that I will be staying in Florence for the whole week. My mornings–Monday through Friday–will be spent learning the Italian language at the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci. Now according to the school, other activities can be planned. However, I have still been doing some research about different tours in Florence and around Tuscany. The following is a list I’ve compiled from suggestions and simple research on the internet.


Chianti Authentic Experience with Delicious Wine Tasting in a Castle

Outlets Shopping Tour

Italia Tours

Aperitivo Tour of Florence

Florence Cheese and Wine Tasting

Florence Gourmet Food Tour

Italian Lesson and Walking Tour

Medieval Florence Evening Walking Tour

Sunset Siena and Chianti Wine Tour with Dinner

Friday Night Tour Including Aperitivo or Dinner in Piazza della Signoria

Wine and Dine in the Tuscan Countryside

City Discovery

Prada Space, The Mall and Fashion Valley Outlets Shopping Tour

These are just a few. Anyone familiar with these? Any suggestions for other tours people have taken? Anything will be appreciated.

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  1. Ciao Grazie Girl, I’ve been to Firenze a lot, and have taken month long art classes there twice. It sounds like you will only be there for 1 week? If this is the case, I would recommend zero tours-or if you really must, then pick 1 of them. Your afternoons and evenings will very easily be filled up with walking the city. You may have already been to the ‘must sees’-the Uffizzi, L’Accademia and the Cappella Brancacci which unfortunately need reservations, but there is so much more to see! Here are a few things I would recommend:
    -an afternoon in my favourite-the San Niccolo area. Walk across the Arno and you can walk up to Piazzale Michelangelo for views then up to San Miniato for even better views. the monks chant in the crypt on Saturdays at 5pm. it’s ‘otherworldly’
    -Go to Mass on Sunday at Santa Croce and sit as close as possible to Michelangelo’s tomb to channel some creative energy
    -take #7 bus to Fiesole one afternoon
    -if you want to get out of town for 1 day, take the bus to Lucca, rent a bicicletta and ride the medieval walls
    -option #2 take the SITA bus to San Gimignano
    -oh and you must visit ‘Ratto delle Sabine’ before it gets moved indoors:
    Buon Viaggio! Cristina


    1. Grazie mille Cristina.
      Your suggestions are just what I was hoping for! Interestingly, it was already suggested to me to go to San Miniato to hear the monks, and now with this second recommendation–I’m doing it! As well, I think you are correct. I’ll get lost in just walking the city to enjoy the sights and sounds. Love the idea of going to mass and channeling creative energy from Michelangelo. Of course, I will be posting everyday about what I’m doing, so stay tuned.
      Ciao and grazie mille again!

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