Now You Can Have an Amazing Race of Your Own

When I read about Competitours, my eyes opened wide. My plan, hopefully, is to live half of my time in Italy when I retire. While that time is some years away, people are always suggesting what I should do when I’m there. J-Rae even suggested organizing a “The Amazing Race” type of tour. Well what do you know, it’s already being done! There are already tours organized for just this thing. Check them out. Very interesting.

Competitours 1


  1. I really didn’t want to contact you through a comment, but you don’t seem to have a contact page or an email address listed anyway, so this was my only option.

    I’m guessing you just don’t realize that republishing someone else’s post on your site is not ok. If you enjoy someone else’s post and you want to refer to it, it’s completely fine to mention it and link to it. However, it is NOT ok to republish the entire post on your site. It doesn’t matter that you linked to my site, I did not give you permission to republish this on your site. You can’t just take anything you find on the internet and use it as your own. It’s not all creative commons.

    As I was looking around your site to find a better way to get in touch with you, I noticed that many, many posts are like this, posts that were scraped from other bloggers and even Fodor’s. I doubt they would appreciate their work being used without permission.

    I’m glad you like my site, and I don’t think you meant any harm by this, but please take down my post. You might want to rethink the ones you took from other people’s sites as well. Thanks.


    1. Ok. Didn’t know. Just giving credit for things I found interesting. Sorry. It’s off.


  2. Our 2016 revamped website and travel dates have just been posted at and we would be thrilled to stay GRAZIE to you if you and a GIRL friend would join our travel fray!!!!

    Cheers Steve

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  3. 2016 beckons, hope you will consider joining the travel fray with us!!!!!!

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