My Suggestions for Eating Alone When Traveling…and Yours?

I like my pasta when I go to Italy. Oh–and my gelato too. When traveling alone, though, many people have a difficult time relaxing and enjoying themselves. So how do you do it?

Dining on pasta in Rome!

Dining on pasta in Rome!

  1. Eat at the counter or bar. At least, as a way to get used to this new venture. Sitting at a counter or bar allows you to relax and watch those behind the counter get their work done, providing a focus for your eyes. As well, at some bars, you can watch TV.

  2. Bring a book to read. Sometimes we are all looking for a little more time to read, and when dining alone you have a great time to do just that. As well, reading can encourage you to eat slower, thus giving you more time to fill full. Hey–anything not to overeat.

  3. Open up a conversation with the waitstaff. Ask questions about what to see and do while you are in that destination. Many times, these types of conversations can lead you to the most interesting, and non-touristy, places you’ll visit…and remember. As well, speaking with the waitstaff can help you sharpen your language skills. Try to have a conversation in their language, telling them you need help. Most, if not all, waitstaff I have spoken to have been all too happy to talk.

positano 18

Enjoying a glass of wine in Positano, Italy.

  1. If you are really feeling self-conscious, have a drink. Loosen up–then just enjoy the fabulous people-watching.

  2. Take the time to write about your travels–whether on paper, your phone, or tablet. There’s nothing like reflecting on your day–THAT day–to recall everything you saw, did, and enjoyed over a nice glass of wine and plate of pasta. Ah….. Add doing some trip planning or going through your guidebook.

  3. Try to find a place that is crowded and popular that has shared tables. Conversation will then be yours.

  4. Go on a wine tasting day excursion. You will travel with many different people, including other solo travelers. On a day excursion to a fabulous wine tasting in Vinci, Italy, I met a family from Locherbie, Scotland, and later that week they met me at my hotel for dinner and drinks.

960x640_bestfit (75)

Wine tasting in Vinci, Italy.

These are just some of my suggestions. But I’m always looking for more. Add a comment and give me some tips for my future solo travel.


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