Nowadays travelers have numerous electronic devices with them during their flight. On my last trip to Italy, I used my IPad more for in-flight entertainment than what the airline had to offer. That being said, all airlines request passengers to turn all devices off during takeoff and landing. I noticed on my last flight that […]

My new, absolute favorite blog — The Travel Cocktail. I will be including more pieces that have appeared on the blog, but I highly recommend taking a peak yourself. Especially interesting is the amount of information about the Amalfi Coast, a trip I am considering for next summer. So enjoy! ====================================================== Its always a daunting task […]

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Big cities or small, Italy has interesting streets. I love walking the small streets as they wind through a city. Some are pedestrian only which means people and scooters, Scooters are everywhere in Italy. It is a way of life. As you walk along a small street, especially…

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You don’t want to be one of those tourists – paying €10 for a pizza in a restaurant near the Trevi Fountain, and ordering off a menu that comes in six languages. Pizza is great, but it shouldn’t cost €10.…

Originally posted on Living In Italy.Moving To Italy. Loving In Italy. Laughing In Italy.:
Savonarola’s preaching attracted huge crowds to Florence Cathedral – like much of the city, Botticelli had come under his sway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I often write from a cynical point of view in a tone that is best described as…

In my past posts you would have read about Gio and Francesco from Green Italy Tours (picture below) who very happily showed me around Puglia. One of my favorite places that I visited with them was … Source: Fairy Tale Alberobello in the Itria Valley

What timing! I just returned from Lake Garda–stay tuned for my stories–and just published this piece about Sirmione, one of the most popular destinations on Lake Garda. So enjoy! Read Heartrome

via Instagram My #dream hotel in Positano, Italy. What is your dream hotel stay?

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Gelato is not just an Italian word meaning Ice Cream! it is made totally differently. So why is gelato so much better than ice cream? For me it is the creamy taste of gelato. It is soft never serve… Source: What makes Gelato so good?

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La passeggiata is the Italian walk. Italians eat well and stay healthy in many ways: They eat organic natural foods They cook food correctly They eat fruits and vegetables They exercise via walks e… Source: La Passeggiata


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